Coleman Evcon Furnace Flashes Three Coleman Evcon Furnace Will Not Ignite?

Coleman Evcon furnace will not ignite? - coleman evcon furnace flashes three

Our model of the furnace Evcon DGAA0708DTB (18 months) will not ignite. We get an error (three lights flashing green) indicates that the switch is not closed combustion. Suggestions? Of course, died in a long weekend, and we are cold here. Any help is greatly appreciated.


GG-pa said...

Your swith centrifical lies open on the mix engine. I found that removing the motor cover and turn the dough, stirring motor (for adjustments) in the summer, you save a lot of trouble. But you eventually need this option centrifical (a passage from the bottom of the mixture of fresh air)

In addition, you may be able to open up like a car stuck in a mount.

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